Monday, May 18, 2009

My wise friend

So I am dedicating this blog to my blog wise friend Laura aka Org Junkie. She is amazing and she has been so helpful to me in getting my new blog all set up and best of all she has been so patient with my endless emails and phone calls that generally start like I just have 1 quick question and then usually a cup of vanilla tea and lots of laughs later my question is answered lol. Thank you thank you thank you Laura I truly appreciate your help and hope that one day I rock at blogging like you.


  1. You're so cute, not a problem girl. Anytime! I'm especially loving the tea :)

  2. Hi Tash, Go into Sandra, on my links, see the cute little teachers gifts she has made Sandra has also great recipies, and some good books you may enjoy.. she lives in Arizona.. ttyl Mom.. love your new blog by the way...