Tuesday, April 28, 2009

hopes and wishes

So I read the newest Debbie Macomber blossom street book...it's called 20 wishes I love all of the books in this series and I don't want to go into the story incase you haven't read it but in the book the ladies decide to make a list with 20 wishes no matter how silly they seem they put down things they wish to do, I have decided to make a list for myself and my daughter is jumping on the wagon as well and wants to do a list too. I recently went to Victoria BC for a conference and visited a lovely little yarn shop and once again I was hit with the feeling of jealousy for that shop owner, I feel the same way when I go to my favorite yarn shop in Smithers BC so the first item on my wish list is to one day own a yarn shop of my own. I can't even begin to explain the feeling I get when I am standing in a store surrounded by fibres of all types and colors and the books and baskets and needles and all the other items that go hand and hand with knitting and spinning but I think it may be how a child feels as they walk through the gates in Disneyland. Sheer joy lol.

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