Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So happy

So the other day my oldest nephew (12) asked me to make him a toque I agreed but was nervous as he is fairly fussy so he picked out some colors and told me how he wanted his stripes to be. I then went to one of my favorite knitting sites Ravelry and started to look for a hat pattern I thought he may like. I came across a pattern by
stephanieknits.blogspot.com it is called a hat fit for a boyfriend. So I knit this toque a bit taller than the patter suggested and called my nephew to come try it on, I waited as he tried it on and checked it our a few different ways and in a couple different mirrors and heard him mutter as he came down the stairs "this is the sweetest hat ever" oh my was I happy he has been wearing it almost non stop and wants a couple more in different colors lol. I am just so happy. I am also making one for my daughter I will post pics of her wearing it.

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